Humanity Has No Borders recruits attorneys, social workers, medical professionals, interpreters, graduate students and volunteers to enrich scope of service and learning, in order to respect clients’ dignity and worth as they are a part of the decision making process throughout the continuum of care.




  • We believe the building blocks of healthy families and relationships are respect, support, unity, safety, and communication.

  • We respect each individual’s right to self-determination, and use a strength-based approach for personal empowerment.

  • We advocate for the rights and lives of those seeking justice to solidify their self-worth and dignity.

  • We provide culturally appropriate services delivered with humility and respect to establish trusting relationships.

  • We value our commitment to confidentiality, integrity, and accountability to remain consistent to our mission and vision.

  • We commit to our sustainability and growth through holistic education, community awareness and involvement, and financial   responsibility.

  • We acknowledge the significance of interdependence by networking with other agencies to bring additional support, leadership, and innovation.

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